Denver Drone Videography

[youtubestruct src=][title=Denver Drone Videography][duration=PT19S][uploadDate=2017-08-11T02:02:44.000Z][thumbnailURL=][ytid=tzjy6uPrcVQ][description=Photography and videography are highly specialized skills that require a significant level of knowledge to capture that perfect moment in time. For videographers in Denver, there is a never ending supply of amazing material to shoot.

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Obviously, there is way more to this art than the average person shooting a video with their smartphone understands. You have to consider lighting, composition, and depth. Then there are aspects such as bit rate, compression, and aspect ratios.

Aerial videography in Colorado has been taken that to a whole new level with the use of drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). From a birds-eye view, you can take unique and spectacular video that opens up a whole new world of *Denver drone videography.

SkyHi Aerial Productions is the best *Colorado aerial photography company for providing professional aerial videos. You can see from their sample shots in this video that SkyHi’s UAV videos are breathtaking and exclusive.

With their specialized *drone photography equipment, an ordinary shot can easily become extraordinary. SkyHi Aerial Production’s use of drones is in compliance with FAA and DOT regulations, so they guarantee safety and satisfaction.

Some of the possibilities for this service include:

Denver Real Estate Videography – Great for prospective buyers to see the property from a whole new angle.

Colorado Tourism Aerial Video – Offering a unique view of a resort, tourist attraction, or destination.

Drone Surveying and Mapping in Colorado– Saves time and money on collecting data.

Front Range Residential Videography – Interesting to see your property from an aerial viewpoint and it can also serve as a historical record.

The SkiHi Aerial Productions team is ready to capture amazing aerial footage for you, so contact them today at (303) 708-9400 for a pricing quote. You can also email them at or check out their website at][/youtubestruct]
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